Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tombstone Brownies

Hi there :) I meant to post these a few days ago but I've been feeling a little under the weather due to allergies - blah! On a positive note, it seems like Fall has finally decided to arrive in the Dallas area and I couldn't be happier. I love having the a/c OFF and the windows OPEN! Cute treats like this also just seem so much more appropriate when it's not 90 something degrees outside :) These are so fun and so easy. Such a fun project to do with the kids. My 2 year old thought they were just amazing and kept trying to grab at them while I was taking pictures, she even managed to snatch a pumpkin off of one at one point. I have a funny little set of pictures below that I just had to share from when I was photographing them. I hope you guys enjoy these!

1 Box Brownie Mix, plus ingredients called for on box
1 Tub Chocolate Frosting
Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies
Oreo Cookies
Autumn Candy Corn/Pumpkin Mix (this is optional but adds a super cute touch!)

Prepare your brownie batter and bake them according to the package directions; let cool completely.
(I baked mine in a 13x9 pan and I lined my pan with foil and also sprayed it with cooking spray. Once brownies were cooled, I just lifted the foil out of the pan, which made for easy clean up and made it super easy to cut the brownies into clean squares)

Reserve 1/3 of your frosting and once your brownies are completely cooled, frost them with your remaining chocolate frosting. Cut your brownies into large squares. I got 12 out of mine.

To prepare your tombstones (milano cookies) and your dirt (oreos):

Place about a cup (I had mini oreos) of oreos into a sandwich bag and using something hard (like a rolling pin), hit it against the bag several times until they are finely crushed.

Fill a sandwich bag with your remaining frosting and snip off a little bit of one of the corners and pipe whatever words you desire onto the cookies. *This is a optional step, but I cut a little bit off of each milano cookie to make sure it would sit straight and stay in the brownie. 

Time to assemble! Gently stick the milano into the brownie towards the back. Next sprinkle some crushed oreos leading up to the cookie. Place some candy corn and pumpkin candies on either side of the cookie, if desired.

Makes about 12 Tombstone Brownies

I couldn't help but post this and appropriately title it "kid of a food blogger problems" Ha!
(and yes, she did get one once I was finished!)

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