Friday, August 8, 2014

Freezing Cookie Dough

Do you ever have a serious craving for freshly baked homemade cookies, but totally don't feel like putting together a recipe and standing there at the stove to bake them? I have the perfect solution for you! Freezing cookie dough is so easy, convenient, and they turn out just as delicious as if you'd never frozen them at all. When I make a recipe that yields a lot of cookies, I will bake a few batches, and then freeze the rest of the dough because I know if I baked them all most of them would be thrown away, and I don't think anyone likes being wasteful! I love that you can bake these straight from frozen, and you could make as little as 1 if you wanted a light snack, but who are we kidding, we all totally know we'd never make just 1! I will put a printable to the cookie recipe I used here. Next time you have leftover dough, give these a try..or just make a whole batch to freeze to have handy for a quick treat!
{Printable} Instructions
{Printable} Chocolate Chip Cookies

1 Recipe Cookie Dough, your choice
Cookie Sheet
Cookie Scoop
Once you make your cookie dough, line up scoops of it on a foil lined cookie sheet. Place cookie sheet, uncovered, in your freezer on a slat surface. Freeze for about an hour, or until they are somewhat solid. Everyone's freezers are set different, so just check for them to be solid. Label and date a freezer bag and place your frozen dough balls in the bag and return to the freezer. When you're ready to bake them, simply place them on a cookie sheet and bake according to your recipes original instructions.

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  1. I am going to start doing this! My husband will love me even more : )

  2. Great idea, and I love you giant scoops!

  3. Hey Kaitlin,
    When you make your cookies or plain cookie dough, have you ever try pasteurized eggs? I use them all the time when I make cookie dough, especially during the past holidays, when I was baking every night. Never can be too sure. I personally wouldn't want to ruin a moment with a loved one, or baking with the kids going to the hospital because we got food poisioning. You should check them out.

  4. Hmmm.would it be wrong of me to freeze the cookies and just eat the dough right from the freezer without baking them??? Lol . I am a life long cookie batter fan!

  5. I do this all the time. It works great and love having them on hand

  6. I love to do this...I do have times when I want a hot out of the oven gooey cookie and this makes it happen.


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