Sunday, January 16, 2011

Semi-Homemade Donuts

Good afternoon! Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. I know most EVERYBODY has this "recipe" but for those of you who have never seen it (there has to be some, right?) I thought I'd share a ridiculously easy and delicious breakfast (or anytime really) treat. You can do these tons of ways too, I opted for cinnamon & sugar, but you could do a glaze with confectioner's sugar and milk, or a chocolate glaze, and you can also cut the dough into fours and roll them into balls to make donut holes instead! These are easy and fun, definitely something the kids would have a blast doing..enjoy!

1 Can Refrigerated Biscuits
Vegetable or Canola Oil, for frying
Topping of your choice, I chose Cinnamon & Sugar (1 Cup Granulated Sugar mixed with 1/8-1/4 Cup Ground Cinnamon)
Pour oil into a frying pan with high sides, fill about 1-2 inches high. Heat oil on medium high heat. Using a small circle shaped item (I used the back of a piping tip) press into the center of the biscuit and remove to make a circle in the middle, and with your fingers spread it out a little to give it a more donut shaped look. To test my oil, I used the little pieces of dough that I popped out. When your oil is ready, carefully place your biscuits in the oil and you should see when they start to brown on the bottom, once you see that, they are ready to be flipped. Let them go 1 step further than golden brown because you don't want to bite into raw dough, yuck! Once done, remove to a baking rack to drain, or a plate lined with paper towels. After a minute of draining, coat with the topping of your choice.

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  1. I must be the one person who has never seen this before, but I MUST try it soon! Thanks!

  2. We love doing this at home also, I love that you did the whole thing because when we did it we made just the wholes. Look great!

  3. This is pure genius!! I've never heard of this recipe .. Im gonna try it soon : )

  4. what a quick and easy way to get such a delicious treat!

  5. I've seen these several times but never have made them. I'm sure they are awesome though - they definitely look so! I would love mine coated in cinnamon sugar too! I might have to try this on one of my lazy pillsbury mornings (and I have been having them a lot lately!)

  6. Very innovative dish.Not herd about this before. I'm gonna try this soon at home and let you know the feedback.

  7. This is probably really shameful to admit, but *deep breath,* these are my favorite kinds of doughnuts, heh. I had them growing up on the rare occasion and they're just magical. I fix them maybe once a year now and they're always so amazing....and addictive.

    We don't even bother to use something to cut out the middle, though. Just shove a finger through the middle and pull them apart to create the hole. Sometimes they come out a little lopsided or more like ovals than circles, but delicious nonetheless. I usually make a powdered sugar glaze for at least half the batch, too, so we have options. Yum.

  8. What a novel idea for making doughnuts. I don't think anyone would ever guess that you hadn't made these from scratch. I'm going to be holding a new linky on my blog starting this Saturday called "Sweets for a Saturday." If you get a chance, I'd like to invite you to come by then and link these up.


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